This is what I stand for.

  This is what I’ll vote for.

  This is what I’ll fight for.

Public Education & School Financing
The state of Texas has been shirking its responsibility in funding our public schools. This leaves it up to local school districts to pick up the slack through higher property taxes. And even after that, they’re still underfunded. We need to close tax loopholes that allow large businesses and corporations to avoid paying their fair share in property taxes, raise across the board per-pupil funding levels, and give our teachers a competitive raise and ensure their healthcare insurance remains affordable.

Health Care & Insurance
Texas has one of the worst healthcare systems in the country. Access, affordability, prevention, and treatment consistently rank near the bottom. Too many Texans are falling through the cracks. This not only underserves our citizens, it overburdens our public hospitals. This is why I support Medicaid expansion and the public option in Texas.

The Environment & Clean Energy
I’m against the continued use of fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases into our atmosphere and contribute to global warming. Our continued use of fossil fuels is unacceptable when we have perfectly viable, affordable clean energy sources that could easily replace them. At the state level, we must promote alternative energy and help in the transition toward full independence from fossil fuels.

Voting Rights & Elections
Democracy functions best when MORE people vote. We must remove all barriers to voter turnout and find the best ways to encourage increased participation. We must minimize gerrymandering to ensure all votes count equally by drawing voter maps that do not favor one party over the other. Fairer districts ensure better, more accountable, more responsive representation from our elected officials.

Workers’ Rights & Living Wages
Everyone knows that minimum wage has not kept up with the cost of living or worker productivity. Anyone who works- contributing to our local economies- deserves the purchasing power to buy more than food and shelter. Wage slavery is real. It’s immoral. And it must end. Workers also deserve the ability to organize so that they have sufficient power to negotiate as equals with their employers. For that reason, I support abolishing Texas’s so-called right to work laws and regulations.

Civil Rights
Civil Rights are not negotiable. The civil rights of anyone, including people of color, LGBTQ, women, disabled, the elderly, immigrants, non-Christians, or any other vulnerable group must not be violated, reduced, or taken away. Period.

Reproductive Rights
Decisions about a woman’s body should be left up to her, her doctor, and no one else. If we genuinely want to reduce abortions we must start with comprehensive sex education in middle school, ensure widespread access to birth control, and provide women with the tools that empower them to make the best decisions regarding themselves and their families.

The criminalization of marijuana does not make sense. Marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco. People suffering from debilitating illnesses should be able to use cannabis to ease their suffering. And recreational users are not criminals. The money made and saved by legalizing marijuana (tax revenue, law enforcement costs, court costs, prison costs) could be used for so many worthwhile programs our legislators currently say there’s no money for.

People First
Gerrymandering must end once and for all. The detrimental effect money continues to have on our democratic political processes must be addressed. The pursuit of campaign donations from the wealthy and special interest groups has all but silenced the voice of the people. This campaign will always put the interests of the people first.