Josh Wilkinson has lived in Bryan since 2006. After graduating from Texas City High School, Josh went on to study history at Texas A&M University. There he met Erin, his future wife, who graduated a year ahead of him. Josh followed Erin to Houston and completed his degree at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. After graduation, he worked at the West Columbia Library, University of Houston Library, and Alvin Junior High. Immediately after the birth of their second child in 2006, Josh and Erin moved their family back to the Brazos Valley, and he has worked for Texas A&M University Libraries since 2008.


Josh’s motto is The People First! Not every representative is deserving of the sellout stereotype, but it has reached the point in America where too many elected officials put their donors’ needs before their constituents’. The result of this has been failing public schools, higher property taxes, unaffordable or inaccessible health care, lower wages, an unhealthy environment, mass incarceration, lack of participation and faith in our elections, and a total disregard for our most vulnerable friends, family, and neighbors. These things hurt ordinary Americans, and now is the time for that to end.


If elected, Josh will strive to serve the people of Texas, not its already wealthy corporations and special interest groups. He will remain as accessible to the community as he is now, knowing that the work he does, he is doing for his Bryan College Station family. You are the bosses of this great nation. Josh believes you all deserve the absolute best he can give, and he will work tirelessly to make sure we, the people, get it.